Jessie Pool

Jessie Pool

J.M.W. Pool LL.M. is PhD candidate at Institute of Private Law, Leiden Law School

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Empirical Legal Studies is a relatively new phenomenon for legal scholars. During my PhD research, I am studying discrepancies between "law in the books" and "law in action" through interviews by using grounded theory and quantitative analysis of qualitative legal documents such as case law and bankruptcy reports. My research questions are mostly addressing legal issues and I am constantly developing myself by learning how to use empirical methods and insights to answer legal questions. Although I am a legal scholar, doing empirical legal research allows me to get a better insight in assumptions underlying the law and effectiveness of the law in practice.

I am more than happy to chat with anyone about how to use empirical methods for their legal research, more specifically about any questions regarding how to formulate legal questions that can be answered using an empirical method, but also about the practical aspects of interviewing, grounded theory and using qualitative data such as case law to do quantitative analysis