Lisa Ansems

Lisa Ansems

dr. L. Ansems, LLM is Post-doctoral Researcher at Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology, Leiden Law School

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I have been a postdoctoral researcher at Leiden University’s Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology since February 2021. Before, I conducted PhD research at Utrecht University, where I studied perceived procedural justice from the perspective of defendants in Dutch criminal cases.

During my education (bachelor in Law and master Legal Research), I became more and more interested in the empirical study of law next to the study of law in the books. After all, applying empirical methods to law allows you to examine assumptions underlying law, the way in which law is perceived, and the effects law can have, among other things.

I like to use different kinds of methods (mostly qualitative, but I have also used survey methods and experimental designs), involve different kinds of respondents (both legal professionals and laypeople), and reflect on the question how empirical findings relate to the normative domain of law. I am always in for a conversation about any of these issues.