Mark Noort

Mark Noort

dr. M. C. Noort is Assistant Professor at Institute of Tax Law and Economics, Leiden Law School

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Empirical Legal Studies is at the intersection of social and legal sciences, and this enables me to address exciting new research questions on how people create business outcomes together (e.g., safety, quality, productivity). In particular, by emphasising the social psychological mechanisms that are involved in risk management, I aim to inform legal debates with evidence from a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. For instance, the use of systematic reviews, behavioural experiments (online and offline), surveys, interviews and natural language processing enables me to evaluate the underpinning assumptions behind legal frameworks and their effectiveness in guiding risk management.

I would be more than happy to chat with anyone about the application of empirical methods to their legal research. More specifically you can contact me about issues with the identification of the ‘core conceptual problem’ that can be addressed empirically, or the design of systematic literature review protocols, behavioural experiments, surveys and interview topic guides.